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KISS is a leading IT company specialising in web design, web development, web hosting, search engine optimisation and eCommerce solutions. We believe that a quality website will emerge when we combine a clientís brilliant ideas with the creative imagination of our web designers and the expertise of our web development team.

Whether you are building a new brand from the ground up, want a website that you can update yourself to disseminate news or information, or improve an existing website/design, we will provide you with unsurpassed quality and dedication to your project. We provide web design solutions at competitive rates, which makes KISS the best choice for your website design, Ecommerce solution, Search Engine Optimisation and hosting needs.

Let us add value to your business, and give your website the 'KISS' of life.

KISS can assist you with any requirements you may have to do with the WEB, from e-commerce solutions to registering your identity (URL) on the WWW to creating web sites to suit your budget to organizing economical site hosting. As our name says, solutions CAN be economical as well as effective yet still be simple. Whatever your needs, donít hesitate to contact us with your requirements so we can give you a quote, we are sure you will be pleasantly surprised

We can design a static website for you (that is, the information rarely changes) or we can design a CMS (content management system) website that you or your staff can alter and update information when required by simply using nothing more than a web browser.


You have no doubt heard all the hype that you have to be able to accept credit cards online if you really want to enter the e-commerce age and make money.
Only BIG companies can afford it right?....WRONG
There are monthly fees on the software right?....WRONG
I have to learn programming right?....WRONG
I have to learn to place programs on my server right?....WRONG
It isn't safe for my customers right?....WRONG

If you already have a website and would dearly love to join the e-commerce revolution you keep hearing about, don't believe all that you hear, it is not only for BIG business. If you would like to know more about what we can do for you, send us an e-mail detailing what you require, and any other information that you feel is relevant.
Let us put the "KISS" of life into your website.

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