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No matter how good your website looks, without traffic it will never achieve its purpose. Marketing will determine the success of your website and thus the success of your venture.

 We offer a complete blend of services to establish your Internet presence and/or affordably and professionally promote your products and services to the world. 

There are two important requirements for a successful website, visibility and speed.

If I build it, they will come! - - Not necessarily. 

Merely building a Web site is no guarantee that people will visit it. Did you know that the number of sites on the World Wide Web almost doubles every year? It has been estimated that the number of websites on the web at present is rapidly approaching one billion . Long-term success is realized through well planned, on-going marketing, no different to the off-line business world. Kiss offers customized marketing packages to help clients successfully reach their Internet marketing goals, allowing them to concentrate on what they are skilled at, running their business. 


In the bricks and mortar world of business, we all know and have heard that the three most important things are .....position position position. Similarly in the on-line world, the three most important things are...


We help you achieve the highest rankings possible in all the major search engines by optimising pages on your site. To achieve the recognition your site deserves, we use a variety of methods, including keywords, "meta tags" and custom search pages to increase your site's density in all the search engines and  register the pages on your site with the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, AltaVista, Excite etc. in addition to other methods of optimisation and recognition. 

Marketing, if genuine and sustained success is desired, is neither a part time nor occasional job, it requires both full time application of the principles involved, as well as constant research of rules that are in a constant state of flux. What works today, may get your site a lower rating, or even worse, rejection, from the same search engines next week.

A few of the skill sets we use to achieve your sites success include

  • Search engine and directory submissions

  • On-line marketing research

  • Direct e-mail campaigns (NOT SPAM)

  • Web site traffic analyses

  • Banner advertising and on-line promotions


Once Off Submission

Once off submission is a service which incurs a once only charge. There are no ongoing fees. 

Keyword Analysis. We analyze what phrases people are using to search the Net. This enables us to pinpoint search terms relevant to your website. Knowing what keywords visitors are using when searching for a website similar to your own is vital. Knowing this, we then use this Keyword Analysis to include the keywords in hidden code within your web pages. 

Website Code
is particularly useful to search engines as they gather all your important website details, and as a result your website code has to contain a few hidden techniques. By adjusting these hidden areas, our programmers can optimise your website to enhance your positioning within the search engines, and thus give you the chance of more visitors to your website.  


$330 once only charge. (per page)


Monthly Submission

Monthly Submission is an ongoing marketing method. Search Engines clean and delete webpages from their indexes on a regular basis. We look after your website on a monthly basis and ensure that the search engine position of your website is not compromised. 

This continuous cycle of adjusting and promoting each relevant webpage provides a better chance for each to rank well in the search engine results for visitors specific keyword searches. More chances, more visitors, more sales. 


$99 per month


Click Promote

It takes time and knowledge to achieve top rankings in major search engines, and this is where Click Promote can be of greater benefit. With Click Promote, we pick keywords suitable for your site, the ones you need to attract the right type of visitor to your site. You then set a rate that you are willing to pay for each potential customer. You only pay for actual visitors to your site. Most often, Click Promote will in fact show the highest ROI (return on investment).

Click Promote is an ongoing marketing method operated monthly. If you are in a hurry to get your site noticed, want pre-selection of customers and are prepared to have a budget to spend on regular advertising, Click Promote offers the perfect solution.

With a variety of keywords and phrases suitable for your site, the ones considered will attract the right type of visitors to your site, that are already specifically interested in purchasing your specific product or service, we work with you to set a rate that you are willing to pay for each potential purchaser/customer. The result is that you will get a stream of pre-qualified customers who are currently in the market for your particular product/service, at a pre-set price per head. This way, you only pay for the visitors that you actually receive to your website, that are actively searching for a company, product or service like yours.


$220 setup and initial research
plus - agreed budget of actual click throughs.



Another area KISS has specialised in for many years, is code and website optimisation. Originally commencing as a new client request in the early days of the internet, KISS would be approached to investigate why clients websites were so slow. This was in the day of dialup internet speed, when the difference between a well coded website and a poorly coded website, which was clearly apparent by simply viewing how fast a website loaded, and was also clearly evident in the statistical information showing the number of visitors to a web site. KISS became specialised and sought after by new clients to analyse websites, and minimise the size of the website without altering the visual look or content of that website. The same website with minimised code showed a massive speed increase.

Even though we now live in the era of internet broadband speed, people have even less time or patience. If your website does not load quickly, they will simply move on to another website. Most likely your competition. We are sure you have probably done this yourself at some time. By code and content modification, KISS can make your website leaner, meaner and faster, without loss of information or content, resulting in more customers taking the time to investigate all your website has to offer.

If you feel your current website is extremely slow, and may have a bloated coding problem and need to be re-coded, feel free to drop us an email and ask for a free quote on speed modification of your website. KISS will have a look at your website, and work out where the problems are, before estimating what is required.


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