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Lost your precious photo's?

At some time in every computer owners life, there is always the inevitable loss of information. Whether it is from virus activity, accidental deletion, or hardware failure of some sort, it happens.

Lost documents?

That is where KISS may be able to help you.
KISS specialises in forensic recovery of information.
It is not guaranteed that information is recoverable, but in 98% of cases, KISS can in fact recover most information.
Best of all, it costs you nothing for us to try.
That is right, it is FREE for us to test your hard drive to see if information is able to be recovered.
Simply send us your hard drive (if by physical mail, please make sure it is padded securely to prevent further damage during transit) and KISS technicians will check to see if information is recoverable. If there is specific information you require saved, tell us in advance, as there is no point in us rescuing information like standard windows files etc, and in many cases, there are only a few opportunities before all information on the hard drive is completely gone, so it increases our chance of salvaging your valuable information if we know exactly where to look and what to look for. For instance, if you have multiple users, but only one username has a list of photo's that need to be rescued, it saves us a lot of time and increases the chance of success if we know we are to rescue photo's in (for example) Bob's copy of My Documents. If information and files are in fact recoverable, KISS then burns all information rescued to DVD and returns these to the client.

What does it cost?

$220 inclusive of up to 3 DVD's of recovered information (approximately 12G of information recovered) plus $55 per DVD thereafter

Don't forget, there is no cost if we cannot recover information. That is right, it is free for us to investigate the possibilities.
In the case of commercial clients with information like documents, spreadsheets, financial records etc. think of the saving
compared to employing several data entry operators or typists to reload several years of information. An extremely economical investment.
In the case of private individuals, well, how can you replace or even put a value on your memories like photo's?


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