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With origins at the beginning of the 1980's primarily in programming in basic language, and progressing over the next decade to hardware related problems, most specifically the attempt to speed up computers from their original 1.7 Mhz to a massive overclocked 3 to 3.4 Mhz which often resulted in a small puff of smoke and an immediate return to the proverbial drawing board. The days when hard drives were not a part of a computer, and 4KB of RAM was the standard. There was no "start" button on the desktop, in fact, the "desktop" was simply the thing we sat the parts on while working on them.

From the early 1990's, Keep It Simple Solutions (KISS), became a registered OEM manufacturer of server and desktop computer systems, as well as a hardware repair centre, with a strong focus on commercial clients and onsite technical support. With the rise of computer viruses and the ever growing size of hard drives and the amount of information stored on them, KISS became a specialist in forensic recovery, a specialty to this day.

 Over those early years, a large domestic client base also grew, as well as the business focus encompassing almost all other areas of IT from networking to web design to web hosting. With the business expanding, and requirements from a long existing and loyal customer base ever growing, it was decided to open up a shop and employ a mobile Sales Manager, Computer Technicians, Web Design Team and Sales Staff to help, and by mid 2005 KISS opened a shop presence in Westcourt Plaza Shopping Centre, Cairns.

Within a few short months a second shop in the Westcourt Plaza Shopping Centre complex was taken, to house the technical staff, repair and design teams, separate from the retail area. In mid 2006 KISS relocated from the shopping centre to a showroom/warehouse facility, to cater to the ever growing need for more room, for both storage and repair facilities.

With the modern computer society as an ever evolving entity, towards the end of 2007 it had become evident that needs had once again changed. With a large percentage of the KISS customer base being commercial businesses who require either remote support or onsite repair, the majority of hardware sales being by phone or internet, and the design and hosting aspects of KISS, it was decided to refocus our energies and our business model. KISS relocated once again, this time to Edge Hill, one of the inner suburbs of Cairns, and decided the bricks and mortar shop front was no longer a prominent requirement. The main focus of KISS became web design, web hosting and forensic recovery on the software front, with general repairs and custom manufacture to a lesser extent.

Today, KISS has servers located both in Australia and the USA, as well as managing the server hosting requirements of other website design companies. KISS has a client base both in Australia and abroad, specialises in forensic recovery of information and website design, and is still actively involved in both hardware repairs as well as custom manufacturing of computer systems and servers.


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