Your security is one of our highest priorities. The KISS Online Store uses technology called SSL - Secure Sockets Layer - at the final transaction checkout screen. This means that at the final checkout, (the only place you input your credit card numbers, which is in fact on the banks servers, so KISS does not even have a record of your credit card number) the servers and your PC encrypt (scramble) everything that you enter into your computer. Because it is encrypted, other computers are unable to make sense of it, therefore keeping your credit card details private. There are visual clues on screen that tell you when you have entered a secure environment. On your browser's lower status bar, a key or padlock icon, which is normally open or absent, appears as a closed icon. Additionally, your browser's URL field will show https://... instead of the usual http://... We do not sell customer details and, except as required by law or when investigating fraud, we will not provide customer details to other parties. Although all transmitted material to this site is considered non-confidential we will respect the privacy of our customers and keep such details as email addresses and other personal details as private. From time to time we may send you product information (including special offers) in the mail. If at any time in the future you wish to remove your name from our customer mailing list you will find a special link at the bottom of the e-mail that will enable you to be removed automatically.