From the day following the placement of your order, normal delivery time is approximately two to five working days within Australia, and ten to fourteen days for Overseas orders, subject to availability of stock and also subject to the caveats as outlined in the terms and conditions above. All goods in stock are despatched promptly. If any goods are no longer in stock the purchaser will be contacted and have the choice of either selecting a similar product that is in stock or deleting the product from the order at which time any adjustments to costs shall be made with either KISS refunding the difference to the purchaser or the purchaser paying KISS depending on the purchasers choice as notified to KISS in writing. If the purchaser is not able to be contacted, the item shall be deleted from the order and a refund for the item shall be performed to the purchasers account. Notification of any refund shall be immediately e-mailed to the address notified on the order form. Please note whilst refunds will be via electronic means and occur promptly there can sometimes be a delay between the notice of refund from KISS and the time it shows up on your account. The delay which can sometimes stretch to several days is due to the electronic transaction method of the customers financial institution and the customer should contact their bank if they are concerned not KISS.
Damaged goods should not be signed for with the carrier concerned - do not open the parcel - -do NOT accept the goods - once you have signed for and taken delivery of the goods you have accepted that you have received the goods in good condition. Immediately contact KISS via e-mail if the goods are damaged. Goods are freighted at the expense and risk of the purchaser and the purchaser shall approach the carrier for any compensation claimed. The purchaser has the right to insure the goods for transportation and in not choosing to insure the goods accepts full responsibility of the goods once they have left KISS.